Lucy Hood

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The streets that make the communities of the Adelaide electorate have given me everything.

It’s where my husband Jarrad and I bought our first home, where I have worked all of my career and where we are raising our children.

My connection to our community began almost 20 years ago.  

It started with a bottle green door on Hutt Street.  It’s a door to my past and why I value the things that I do.  

The door led to an apartment - support accommodation - that my family moved into while my beautiful stepdad Patrick had cancer treatment at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Despite the efforts of our amazing doctors and nurses, we lost our incredible dad and best friend, at aged 44.  

After we lost Patrick, we were struggling not just emotionally but financially. We went from a family who could pay their bills, to not being able to afford our school books.

I remember discovering we had been approved for the school card and I knew at that moment I could never take my education for granted.

I became the first in my family to go to university, where I studied journalism.

Twenty years later, when I drive down Hutt Street to drop my kids at childcare, I always look at that same bottle green door.

It has become an anchor to me - a reminder of what I want to fight for.

It is these moments that have formed the values I live by today:

  • Fighting for the health heroes that fought so hard for my family
  • Demanding a great education for our kids
  • Listening to the community and using their words and their voice to deliver positive change

We all know what we love about our community. But you and I both know it should be better and it will take one of us to be that voice in Parliament.

I want to be your voice fighting for our streets, our neighbourhoods and our community.