Paul Alexandrides

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Paul grew up in West Beach, the father of two is a small business owner and has strong ties to the community, attending West Beach Primary and Henley High schools.

Paul is the son of Greek Cypriot migrants and he learnt the value of hard work early on from his parents, which placed him in good stead when he started his own business in 2009 – a refrigerated transport logistics business, which he is still running today.

Like many family run SA businesses, Paul and his wife Stella have experienced firsthand the devastating impact of COVID-19 on their small business and they understand the many difficulties South Australia’s small businesses are facing right now.

Paul has a long history of community service where he has successfully advocated on behalf of his community. He understands locals are crying out for support through the pandemic, greater financial assistance for their sporting clubs and groups, and want to have their say in how their community grows and evolves.